Our modems will be back in stock the week of November 30th. We are now accepting preorders. Please click plans at the top of the page to preorder our new modems and service. Any questions please email support@limitless-data.com.


Fastest Speed

#1 Be near a cell tower for wide-open speeds ranging from 10 to 50+Mbps down/up

installation & setup

#2 Plug-and-Play installation of the Limitless-Data Router and be connected to the best wireless Internet carrier in your area.


#3 Have a support team eager to provide a great Internet experience for you

Cell Towers Near You

If you are near a cell tower, our router will pick up a cell carrier's signal and have you connected to their "Internet" network with Limitless Data. No Throttling, Speeds Wide- Open. Bonus: If you are near multiple towers with the same carrier on each, your connection will be even faster and more robust!

Our Hotspot Router

Our router is compatible with all cell carriers and all frequencies; 3G, 4G, LTE (and whatever comes next!). On The Go? Does business travel or vacation find you with little to no Internet access but plenty of cell signal? Take our router with you, it’s “mobile”.


Connect all your wireless and wired devices to our router. No more "tethering" to a cell phone. No more spotty/slow satellite or DSL Internet. You have found your Internet solution! Go ahead and cut your cable or satellite TV service and lower your cell data plans. You now have Limitless- Data!

15 Day Trial

Look, we don’t know exactly where you live or the cell carrier conditions around your area. You may be in thick trees, live behind a mountain or a building that’s blocking the carrier’s radio signals. For that reason, once you receive the router, if your service is not as expected, CALL US. We will evaluate everything with you to ensure you are satisfied.

Why love our Hotspot Internet Services


Happy Customers


Hour Support


States Covered


How is this different from my Cell Phone plan?

When you use your “Cell Data Plan” to tether, or in other words… to connect your PC, laptop, kindle, tablet, game box, etc… to your cell phone, your cell’s data plan is being metered by the carrier. Once you use a certain amount, the carrier will throttle your speeds. It only takes streaming a movie or two and playing some on-line games or youtube videos before you are slowed down to a crawl.

Too good to be true!

YES.  It’s for real.  That’s why we offer a 15 day trial.  We know so many people in the rural areas AND cities have little to no access to the Internet.  The cell carriers are everywhere, and they want you on their network. That’s why we’ve worked with them to provide a special Limitless-Data experience through our unique router/sim card set-up and our attention to individual customer care.  We are for real!  And if this works for you… so will you!

What are the average speeds of your service?

Many of our customers are exceeding 50Mbps down and over 20Mbps up! We clocked one customer at 106Mbps down – YEP – 106Mbps! If you are less than a mile from the tower or can literally see the tower 2 to 4 miles away, you can expect to see speeds at least in the 10 to 20Mbps range. Hills, buildings, and a forest of trees in your way will affect your speeds, but even in these cases, we’ve seen speeds in the 5 to 10Mbps range that allow streaming movies and many other Internet activities.

Do you throttle speeds?

NO.  However, we have no control over the cell carrier’s network – especially during peak usage times.  Like EVERY carrier – speeds are not guaranteed.  Since most of our customers are rural, congestion on local towers is rare.  But, congestion caused by customers further down the line – in the major cities – could be a factor at 9pm (prime movie streaming time).  In general, you should have a good, steady experience.

I live out in the middle of nowhere, will this work?

You are exactly the type of customer we hope to help.  If you can get a decent cell signal, then YES!  If you are too far out in rural America – sorry, we are limited by the laws of radio frequency physics.  

Is the set-up complicated?

NOPE.  Plug-and-play.   Simply plug our HotSpot router into an electric outlet!  We will send clear instructions with the router and you can always call us if you need assistance.  

Will I need an outside antenna?:

Maybe. If you have a strong cell signal inside your home or office and your Limitless-Data router speeds are good for your needs, then no external antenna is needed. However, you may need (or want) a “cell booster” antenna to maximize the HotSpot signal strength and your speeds. There are lots of cell boosters for sale; internal window antennas and external antennas that require mounting on your building. We have several antennas for sale on our website or you can find many on-line. Call Us… we’ll help you decide what’s best.

Do I need a professional installer?

NO. This service is plug-and-play. However, if you need an outside antenna to boost the speeds, you may need a technician who can mount the antenna and run the SMA cable into your home or office. Depending on where you are, we may be able to help you find a local technician to help you.

How do I subscribe?

Click here and select the plan.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No contract!  Month-to-month plan! Each payment prepays for the next 30 days of service.  You can cancel at any time but there will not be a pro-rated credit on service already paid.  The router is yours to keep.  It can be used as a typical router if needed.  Additionally, our 15 day trial allows you to try the service to make sure you have a good signal and good speeds.  If the service does not meet your needs, in any way during that 15 day period, simply call us and we’ll arrange return shipping of the router and your money back.

Once I sign-up, do I own the router?

YES. The account is month-to-month. No contract. The router is yours to keep. If you are a router expert, you will find some very interesting utilities at your disposal.

What happens if I move to another area?

Good forward thinking! Initially, we will assign a carrier to your router depending on where you are right now. If you move, take the router with you and test. If it works – great! If not, call us and we will set you up with the strongest carrier in your new area. There may be a slight monthly fee change depending on the new carrier, but typically no changes to your payments.

Can I put my account subscription on hold or pause it for a month or two?

We will allow one 30 day freeze on the account per year. We realize some people take extensive trips and won’t be using the Internet service.  There will be a $20 de-activate/re-activate charge. 

How many devices can connect to your router?

Easily 100+ devices and more.  This router can be used for office environments as well.

Will the router work for me when I travel?

YES – IN THE USA.  On the road, in the woods, when you visit the grandparents, or uncle Bob who refuses to pay for Internet service… anywhere there’s a decent cell signal, you will have Internet access.  If you are going to another country – CALL US… we can set you up with a special International plan for an additional fee.

Will my service be interrupted?

No.  So long as the router is functioning, the cell carrier is humming along, and your device is connected to the router, all should be well, but there are just way too many factors outside our control to guarantee anything except our dedicated customer support team if you are not happy.  Now… keep in mind, like cell phone calls, not every call will be perfect.  The same holds true for Internet access… not every second of every day is perfect.  Please don’t call us if your speed tests are slow one day and fast the next.  That’s just the nature of the “Wireless Beast” that we have grown accustomed to.

I cannot pay for my service next month?

Sorry – Payment is due via credit card or Pay Pal on the due date.  We will be forced to suspend your account if payment isn’t completed on your due date which will always be 30/31 days after the day you subscribed.

Can I have a bulk discount if I order multiple hotspot routers for my family and my business?

Yes! We’ll offer a discount for orders in multiples of 10. Call us for discount pricing.

I’m 17, can I order your service?

No, you must be 18 or older to order our Limitless-Data service.