Customer Support


$135 Verizon Per Month ( 1 Terabyte of Data)

$125 AT&T Per Month ( 1 Terabyte of Data)

$70 T-Mobile Per Month ( 1 Terabyte of Data)


*After 1 Terabyte Data May Slow Down

Price Shown Above Include the First Month of Service and Wireless Router Setup Fee 

Shipping is $15 

  • No Throttling – No Added Fees

  • No Contract – Cancel Anytime

  • 15 Day Trial (from time you receive it)
    *speeds will fluctuate based on tower capacity & amount of users on it

Choose the Limitless Data cell carrier you believe is the strongest in your area.  If you’re not sure, check these coverage maps. If after receiving and testing our router, you determine the other carrier may be stronger, give us a call.

Click below on each carrier to determine coverage


AT&T Map      T-Mobile Map     Verizon Map



You bill due date is based on the delivery date of the modem. If your modem is delivered on the 15th of the month than your bill will always be due on the 15th of every month. Our billing system will automatically email you a bill 7 days before your due date and send you reminders leading up to your due date. Your bill can be paid with any credit/debit card or there is a link in our invoice for PayPal as well.

Your modem will have a sticker on the top of it with our customer service number. We are open M-F 9am-5pm and prefer if you text the number on top of the modem as that is the fastest way to get in contact with us. Our number and email address will be in your monthly invoices emailed to you as well.