One Plan… Plug-and-Play installation… It’s that simple!

Monthly Internet Plan

$85 Month (Period)

+$175 (Router Setup Fee)

(Price shown of $260 includes first month of service and modem setup fee)

Modem is yours to keep

We will email you a tracking number once it ships. 


  • 1 Terabyte Data Included – Speeds may slow after 500GB
  • HD Video Streaming (1080P Quality)
  • No Contract – Cancel Anytime
  • 15 Day Trial (from time you receive it)

*speeds will fluctuate based on many factors beyond our control

Choose the Limitless Data cell carrier you believe is the strongest in your area.  If you’re not sure, check these coverage maps. If after receiving and testing our router, you determine the other carrier may be stronger, give us a call.


Click The Link Below to The Coverage Map

T-Mobile Coverage Map             

T-Mobile Home Internet Modem 4G LTE ($85 A Month)

  • Spitz is a 3G/4G dual-band wireless router, widely used for smart home

    Features 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi for fast speeds

    1 Ethernet Port

    Typical speeds depending on signal strength range from 5 – 50 Mbps Download & 2 – 10 Mbps upload 

    Band 71 Modem sing T-Mobiles New High Speed Band (Where Available)