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  • Verizon HD Plan

    Every month

How Does Billing Work?

                                                Plan Pricing                                                  

$80 Blue Plan (AT&T Towers) Per Month (Unlimited Data) (4K Video Streaming Plan)

* BYOD Plan 750GB Limit & Monthly Price $100


$65 Blue Plan (AT&T Towers) Per Month (Unlimited Data) (HD Video Streaming Plan)

* BYOD 750GB Data Limit & Monthly Price $80

$50 Blue Plan (AT&T Towers) Per Month (Unlimited Data) (Standard Quality Video Streaming Plan 480P)

*Only available when purchasing a modem from us with the plan. Not available for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


$70 Pink Plan (T-Mobile Towers) Per Month (1,000 GB of Data) (HD Video Streaming Plan)

$55 Pink Plan (T-Mobile Towers) Per Month (1,000 GB of Data) (Standard Quality Video Streaming Plan 480P

*After all data on plans is used, speeds may slow down until your next billing due date.

What is Standard Quality Video vs HD/4K Video Streaming Plan?

  • HD Video Quality is 1080P/4K (No Speed Throttling on Videos)

  • Standard Video Quality is 480P (Limited Video Speed 1.5Mbps for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube)

  • The choice between the plans is whether or no you watch a lot of movies or TV shows on apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Apple TV Etc....

  • If you try to watch movies or TV shows on your TV with the standard video plan you may experience buffering.

  • Using over 1 Terabyte (1000GB) a month of data on unlimited plans consistently is considered abuse by cellular companies and can result in service being suspended.

*If you are not frequently video streaming, the Standard Video Quality plan is for you. Throttling is only done on videos and will not affect internet speeds for general web browsing or gaming.

  • No Throttling – No Added Fees

  • No Contract – Cancel Anytime

  • 14 Day Trial (beginning when you receive it)
    *speeds will fluctuate based on tower capacity and tower traffic.


Your bill due date is based on the delivery date of the modem. If your modem is delivered on the 15th of the month than your bill will always be due on the 15th of every month. Our billing system will automatically email you a bill 7 days before your due date and send you reminders leading up to your due date. Your bill can be paid with any credit/debit card or there is a link in our invoice for PayPal as well.

More details about billing and how to setup auto-pay are provided once you place an order.

Your modem will have a sticker on the top of it with our customer service number. If purchasing a sim only our phone number will be on the sim card.  We are open M-F 9am-5pm and prefer if you text the number on top of the modem as that is the fastest way to get in contact with us. Our number and email address will be in your monthly invoices emailed to you as well.

Which Provider do I choose?

We recommend choosing the provider that you use for cell phone service since you know the providers tower gives you a signal in your home.

Your cell phone provider is separate from us so you can choose any provider for your home and doesn't need to be the same as your current cell phone provider. We only recommend this because you know your current cell phone provider has a signal in your home.


Unsure of your coverage? No problem!
Check coverage in the maps below for each provider

Blue Plan Coverage (AT&T Towers)

Pink Plan Coverage (T-Mobile Towers)
Click link below to see coverage maps
T-Mobile Coverage Maps


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